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Leading subscription companies look to Saddle Creek Logistics Services for order fulfillment and distribution services. We handle everything from beauty products to vinyl records to pet food.

We understand subscription box businesses

  • Rapid growth. When order volume takes off, you’ll need scalable operations that can ramp up quickly to avoid service issues and delivery delays.
  • Inconsistent volume. Forecasting challenges and the peaks and valleys of a batch order cycle make flexible space and staffing a must.
  • Narrow delivery windows. Synchronizing deliveries allows subscribers to open their boxes about the same time and share the experience on social media.
  • High shipping costs. Effective parcel management and strategic network design can help to reduce transit time and cost.
  • Need to customize. Subscribers love personalized boxes and are more likely to keep subscribing long term.
  • Multiple channels. If you serve multiple sales channels, you need to provide a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.

Our fulfillment services delight subscribers

  • Scalable space and labor. With more than 50 shared-space locations and thousands of associates nationwide, we’re well equipped to meet fluctuating fulfillment needs.
  • Nationwide distribution network. We can configure a strategic distribution network to ensure that orders reach your subscribers efficiently and affordably.
  • Robust technology. Our integrated solutions include robust order management systems (OMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS). We also offer fulfillment automation and robotics.
  • End-to-end parcel services. Tap our diverse carrier network, ability to negotiate competitive rates, and full-service transportation management to keep shipping costs under control.
  • Value-added services. Our fulfillment centers provide kitting, packaging, labeling and more. We can provide these VAS in DCs close to your customers for responsive service.
  • Multichannel capabilities. Seamless service, greater visibility, the ability to pull from multiple fulfillment sources… We’ve got you covered.

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Check out this video case study to see how we help one leading subscription company wow subscribers.

Everything from the people to the processes to the technologies and tools – and how they bring all of that together to serve our needs – is really important.

Corey Harris
Vice President, Operations and Customer Care, IPSY

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To help ensure a positive customer experience, Vinyl Me, Please has long looked to Saddle Creek Logistics Services for both subscription and ecommerce fulfillment.

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Saddle Creek saved the day. Having an alternate resource we could rely on really helped us to mitigate risk.


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