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Ultimate Fulfillment Outsourcing Guide (2017)

This ebook is intended to help you determine if outsourcing is right for you and, if so, how to find the best fulfillment provider to meet your needs.

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Our whitepaper series gives you valuable market intelligence on the state of today’s logistics industry. These research-based reports identify common practices, challenges and emerging trends in the industry.

Ready or Not: Omnichannel Fulfillment & Distribution (2018)

Omnichannel is raising the bar for fulfillment and distribution operations, as companies strive to satisfy escalating customer expectations. Based on an online survey, our new report explores how manufacturers, retailers and ecommerce companies are adapting to today’s omnichannel environment.

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OMS: Key to the Optimal Omnichannel Customer Experience (2017)

Delivering a seamless customer experience across channels is one of the biggest challenges in today’s omnichannel marketplace. Learn how an order management system (OMS) can help, what to look for in an OMS and when to outsource.

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Optimizing Omnichannel Distribution through Outsourcing (2016)

As omnichannel becomes more mainstream, retailers and ecommerce companies need to find ways to improve the speed, service and scalability of their operations. A third-party partner can provide significant value. Learn how.

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Putting Outsourcing to Work for Subscription Box Fulfillment (2016)

The subscription box craze is taking the country by storm. Learn how fulfillment outsourcing can help to support the explosive growth of subscription box companies.

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Leveraging CNG to Support Corporate Sustainability Goals (2012)

For a business with a reliance on long distance freight, it can be difficult to leverage cost effectiveness and still meet environmental sustainability goals such as reducing carbon footprint and integrating alternative fuels into regular operations.

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When these challenges need to be seriously considered, a fleet of compressed natural gas (or CNG) trucks is one of the most worthwhile options to investigate.

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover just how clean and efficient CNG is and how working with a 3PL can reduce the daunting financial burden of creating and operating your own fleet, giving you the freedom to maintain your business. Download now and discover the many ways a CNG fleet can improve your logistics.

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Cross-Docking Trends Report (2011)

Cross-Docking, or shipping incoming products to customers with minimal storage time — in between loading into a warehouse and loading into outbound trucks — is fast becoming a reliable, safe and speedy means of delivering a vast array of wares.

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In a group survey, business professionals preferred Cross-Docking to traditional warehouse usage, and planned to increase their usage of Cross-Dock facilities due to the many advantages inherent to the process.

If you’re looking to better scrutinize your supply chains and maximize your output, Cross-Docking is a very enticing, and effective, means of achieving your goals. This emerging trend in shipping is so valuable because with it you can:

  • Increase the rate at which your product can be sold on the market
  • Cut costs
  • Consolidate shipments
  • Better manage your inventory

Download our helpful guide to Cross-Docking to learn how Saddle Creek Logistics and our dedicated Cross-Docking facilities can help improve your business.

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E-Fulfillment Trends and the Value of Outsourcing (2012)

Managing E-Fulfillment for your company can come with many risks. There’s the Freight Costs, managing the accessibility of your channels and competing with larger, more established retailers like Amazon and eBay.

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According to a survey Saddle Creek Logistics Services conducted of 160 business professionals, E-Commerce is expected to grow around 10% a year, and E-Commerce already accounts for 11% of all sales.

With these numbers, as well as a shifting trend toward multi-channel retailing, a comprehensive knowledge of E-Fulfillment Trends is an essential tool for management.

Outsourcing to a 3PL, and creating a “one stop shop” for processes such as packaging, cross-docking and bar coding has also become an effective means of managing E-Fulfillment with benefits including:

  • Reducing Overhead Expenditures
  • Improving Process Times
  • Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

To find more information on these trends, our survey and what professionals at Saddle Creek Logistics have learned through their experiences, please download the whitepaper below.

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How to Improve Holiday Fulfillment Operations (2013)

Need to improve your business’s order fulfillment, particularly during the holidays? Check out our white paper on maximizing holiday fulfillment operations.

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Optimizing your order fulfillment is vital for maintaining solid relationships with your clients, especially if they rely on successful holiday seasons. This guide features a list of comprehensive tips and solutions to help you,

  • Streamlining holiday fulfillment processes
  • Strengthening your fulfillment systems
  • Planning for contact center needs
  • Fine tuning your delivery

Download the whitepaper PDF today and discover how to improve your holiday fulfillment processes through your own efforts, and how an experienced 3PL provider can help maximize them.

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Top Business Drives for Integrated Logistics Outsourcing (2012)

In today’s competitive and time sensitive business world, many companies are looking for ways to improve the logistics end of their business.

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There are many benefits of outsourcing your logistics needs to a 3PL, and understanding how these benefits can be applied to your company is fundamental to choosing the right path.

While some companies may already outsource some of their logistics needs to a 3PL, using a single provider for several services, and fully utilizing each offered process, will give you the edge in creating a seamless supply chain.

A dedicated 3PL, with a core competency in helping managers assess their logistics problems and solutions, means a controllable and manageable inventory, a decrease in time it takes for your product to get to market and a sophisticated resource to help accommodate for fluctuations. This helps companies reduce expenditures and become more resilient.

Check out our website to read the whitepaper on Integrated Logistics Outsourcing and learn how switching to a single provider can make your company stronger.

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Optimizing Distribution Networks for a Competitive Advantage (2013)

Sometimes an end-to-end overhaul of your distribution networks is an enticing, but seemingly impractical way to optimize your business.

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Whether it be due to infrastructure constraints, costs or any number of other issues facing shipping professionals today, many have discovered just how useful a dedicated 3PL can be when it comes to getting the most out of your distribution networks.

During any transitional period, it is essential to focus on creating a strategic distribution network, to better accommodate unreliable cost forecasting. To achieve true success in this endeavor, several key processes, such as compiling historical data, evaluating your resources and upholding service and customer satisfaction during the change, should be the required foundation in your plans.

Download this whitepaper to find more information on how you can optimize your distribution network as painlessly as possible.

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Incorporating Total Quality Management (2013)

Utilization of a Total Quality Management program (or a TQM) is a very important process for any company to consider. As we all know, the little things truly do add up, and with a dedicated partner to help document and standardize quality management processes, small issues won’t snowball into detriments without a plan in place to combat them.

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A TQM program is the best way to “bulletproof” your business from looming problems, as well as improve your company’s visibility, increase products’ speed to market and strengthen your business overall. Utilizing a 3PL like Saddle Creek Logistics Services to help maintain a TQM program has helped businesses control costs and get the most from their invested resources.

Download the white paper from our website to learn how TQM has benefited other companies, as well as how you too can gain better control of your investments, and bring greater satisfaction to your customers.

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