Shared Operations

Sharing space makes warehousing more affordable for companies that need less or more flexible space. Get what you need, when you need it, without paying for more.

Dedicated Operations

When you need dedicated warehouse space and operations, an experienced 3PL partner can lower costs and improve efficiencies by managing it for you.


Our teams have been running successful cross-docks for more than 30 years to help increase speed to market, reduce cost, and improve service.

Custom Warehousing Solutions

“Many warehouses can’t handle such an unpredictable business pattern. It’s very important to have a warehouse like Saddle Creek, where they understand our business and are able to adapt and embrace it.”—Ray Smith, United Sugars Corporation

Learn how the country’s second-largest sugar supplier provides excellent service with no warehouse space of their own.


Cross-docking is the art of unloading freight from an inbound vehicle and immediately loading it into outbound vehicles. Saddle Creek has been successfully running, and constantly improving, cross-docks for more than 30 years. We have most recently improved wireless technologies, dock layouts, and processes for more efficient and accurate tracking and cross-docking.

Cross-docking freight allows us to sort incoming freight to different destinations, or combine product to one final destination. This practice gets your product to market faster, and reduces costs by using less warehouse space and less labor. Cross-docking is especially beneficial for businesses that need a heavy volume moved quickly and accurately.

Learn more about how cross-docking can improve your business.

Continuous Improvement

Having spent the last 50+ years in the warehousing business, we have learned that we must constantly look for ways to improve systems and processes in order to enhance our service, lower cost and help our customer grow.

Saddle Creek employs a team of Six Sigma Black Belts to administer our continuous improvement programs. Providing training for consistency across all operations and validating service improvements and real savings.


Saddle Creek’s warehouse technology solutions include warehouse, labor and yard management systems to manage all facets of an operation.

We utilize multiple WMS technologies and customize a solution that best matches our customer’s business. And integrating with Saddle Creek is easy using any of the most common integration approaches.

View a full list of our WMS features and discover how to take your business to the next level.


Each of our locations, nationwide, offers a full range of warehousing services and solutions. We can also establish new facilities anywhere in the U.S. to accommodate your warehousing needs. Current locations include:

Explore our capabilities as well as other details and contact information on all of our 46 locations.

Integrated Warehouse Solutions

Expand into new markets with confidence, control your inventory carrying costs with ease, and accommodate seasonal fluctuations without the usual stress. And when you need additional 3PL services, our integrated logistics approach can help seamlessly scale your business.


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