Pura Vida: Expert Order Fulfillment

“We realized we were running a fulfillment center and not a brand anymore. We needed to keep our core in-house and let the experts handle the fulfillment.”—Griffin Thall, Co-Founder

During a trip to Costa Rica six years ago, two college students met two local, homeless artisans on the beach who were making and selling bracelets to tourists. Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall brought back 400 bracelets, put them on a website, and they sold out in no time.

Five-and-a-half years later, Goodman and Thall are running a multi-million dollar social brand with Pura Vida, and trusting Saddle Creek to seamlessly and flawlessly handle the fulfillment side of their business.

With expertise in eCommerce and B2B fulfillment, Saddle Creek has taken over the fulfillment side of Pura Vida, so the company founders can focus on building and expanding their brand. Check out the video to see how Saddle Creek handles Pura Vida’s unique fulfillment requirements, and what Goodman and Thall have to say about their experience since partnering with us.