Princess House: Improved Customer Service Through Custom Order Fulfillment

 “The Saddle Creek team took the time to learn the Princess House business inside and out. They were able to come up with a solution to accommodate our current business needs and our future projections.”—George Kenney, Senior Director of Distribution

Princess House is a premium homeware company that sells to customers via network of nationwide consultants. They depend on their capabilities to deliver their products promptly and affordably.

Shortening delivery time inexpensively while enhancing customer experience is no easy task, especially when much of a company’s resources are devoted to manufacturing and marketing as well — this is where Saddle Creek Logistics comes in.

Saddle Creek quickly made big changes that addressed present concerns and paved the way for the future growth of Princess House’s business. We leveraged our in-house industrial engineering team to design a custom fulfillment solutions for current and upcoming order projections while taking inbound shipment profiles, inventory attributes, promotional activity, and seasonality into account.

Within six weeks, Princess House was operating out of 100,000 square feet of storage space in a shared facility strategically located near major shipping lanes and centrally located to their customer base.