NuSkin Build And Process

In the skin care and nutrition product industry, getting orders to your customer quickly is key. With Saddle Creek Logistics’ help, NU SKIN boosted their order fulfillment speed and efficiency.

NU SKIN enterprises, a premier direct-selling provider of quality skin care products, is growing quickly but they were having a hard time fulfilling orders east of the Mississippi fast enough to from their headquarters in Provo, Utah. That changed once they started working with Saddle Creek.

In this short time-lapse video, see how Saddle Creek established a dedicated operation on one of their east coast campuses in under 6 weeks. With 27,000 temperature controlled square feet to work with, Saddle Creek has boosted NU SKIN’s efficiency and ability to fulfill orders quickly. In this video see just how they designed NU SKIN’s new operation step-by-step.