NU SKIN: Custom Fulfillment Solutions For Growth And Savings

 “Saddle Creek’s flexibility has been invaluable to us—from building out a fully enclosed, climate-controlled facility to integrating with our warehouse management system of choice. They’ve done whatever it takes to meet our needs.”—Brad Morris, VP Global Supply Chain

NU SKIN is a premier direct-selling provider of quality skincare and nutrition products. Many competitors have retail location shelf space, so NU SKIN must have both a great product and the ability to get it to their customers in a hurry in order to compete.

NU SKIN was growing quickly from their headquarters in Provo, Utah, but they were still having a hard time fulfilling orders east of the Mississippi. Saddle Creek worked quickly to make some big logistical changes that helped them blow the eastern part of their market wide open.

We established a dedicated operation on one of our east coast campuses and invested heavily in packing and shipping automation. In less than six weeks, we built out a 27,000 square foot, temperature controlled facility, and NU SKIN’s efficiency and ability to fulfill orders saw a quick, significant boost.

See how the changes they’ve made have given them both room to grow and accommodate fluctuations that may occur during promotional activity. Not only is NU SKIN now able to deliver order times of three days or less for most of their entire customer base, they are also able to utilize Saddle Creek’s negotiated rates on lightweight parcels with saves them an extra 11% on shipping costs.