The Great American Green Ride: A Case Study In Sustainable Transportation

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is a 21st-century imperative. This is true for Saddle Creek Logistics and our customers. Follow compressed natural gas (CNG) driver Robert Chinnici as he makes Saddle Creek’s first 3000-mile trip across the country from Lakeland, Florida, to San Diego, California.

The cross-country CNG trip makes its first stop in Albany, Georgia, to pick up paper products from Procter and Gamble—one of Saddle Creek’s leading CNG customers.

Saddle Creek is helping clients achieve their sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprints with CNG—one of the cleanest burning fuels available. CNG saves up to a pound of carbon per mile traveled, and on long hauls that adds up quickly. It’s also a reliable fuel produced in North America with prices that are less volatile than diesel so participating companies can better stabilize their fuel costs.

See how Saddle Creek is making serious strides on our journey toward sustainability.