allheart: Full-Service Fulfillment Solution

“In my mind, what set Saddle Creek apart was their technology, their flexibility, and their ability to design a process for my business.” – Richard Pope, CEO, allheart

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As America’s Medical Superstore, allheart carries everything from scrubs to shoes to stethoscopes. With a growing business, the company needed a full-service, custom fulfillment solution. The company turned to Saddle Creek Logistics Services.

From engraved stethoscopes to embroidered lab coats, delivering personalized items in a timely fashion sets allheart apart. Moving allheart’s distribution facility to Fort Worth, Texas, offered advantages to inbound sourcing, improved speed to market, and reduced costs. Saddle Creek implemented an order management system (OMS), which integrates with allheart’s proprietary ERP and feeds into the 3PL’s warehouse management system (WMS). With advantages like these, Saddle Creek has helped allheart to get orders out quickly, reduce costs, provide customized products and keep up with spikes in customer demand.

Today, allheart CEO Richard Pope leaves the warehousing, fulfillment and customer service to the experts and focuses on what he does best – running his growing business.

Pura Vida: Expert Order Fulfillment

“We realized we were running a fulfillment center and not a brand anymore. We needed to keep our core in-house and let the experts handle the fulfillment.”—Griffin Thall, Co-Founder

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During a trip to Costa Rica six years ago, two college students met two local, homeless artisans on the beach who were making and selling bracelets to tourists. Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall brought back 400 bracelets, put them on a website, and they sold out in no time.

Five-and-a-half years later, Goodman and Thall are running a multi-million dollar social brand with Pura Vida, and trusting Saddle Creek to seamlessly and flawlessly handle the fulfillment side of their business.

With expertise in eCommerce and B2B fulfillment, Saddle Creek has taken over the fulfillment side of Pura Vida, so the company founders can focus on building and expanding their brand. Check out the video to see how Saddle Creek handles Pura Vida’s unique fulfillment requirements, and what Goodman and Thall have to say about their experience since partnering with us.

Princess House: Improved Customer Service Through Custom Order Fulfillment

“The Saddle Creek team took the time to learn the Princess House business inside and out. They were able to come up with a solution to accommodate our current business needs and our future projections.”—George Kenney, Senior Director of Distribution

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Princess House is a premium homeware company that sells to customers via network of nationwide consultants. They depend on their capabilities to deliver their products promptly and affordably.

Shortening delivery time inexpensively while enhancing customer experience is no easy task, especially when much of a company’s resources are devoted to manufacturing and marketing as well — this is where Saddle Creek Logistics comes in.

Saddle Creek quickly made big changes that addressed present concerns and paved the way for the future growth of Princess House’s business. We leveraged our in-house industrial engineering team to design a custom fulfillment solutions for current and upcoming order projections while taking inbound shipment profiles, inventory attributes, promotional activity, and seasonality into account.

Within six weeks, Princess House was operating out of 100,000 square feet of storage space in a shared facility strategically located near major shipping lanes and centrally located to their customer base.

ipsy: Unique Fulfillment Solutions Sustain Unique Growth

“We needed a fulfillment partner who could accommodate our growth, and at the same time ensure quality.”—Esteban Ochoa, Head of Operations

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Every month, subscribers nationwide await their glam bags from ipsy. Inside, they find an assortment of premium product samples, such as lipsticks and eyeliners, that have been custom selected to fit their specific tastes.

Although monthly subscriptions make planning for a timely delivery a bit easier, ipsy’s shipping process is still very complex because they often create their glam bags in up to 30 different configurations.

Saddle Creek was able to help ipsy simplify and automate their sorting, labeling, and shipping processes to ensure that they maintain accuracy, quality, and efficiency. We designed a custom operation for ipsy in their Charlotte, North Carolina, facility that was tailored to fit their unique business model and keep them on route toward continued growth.

Our process of centralizing and streamlining ipsy’s shipping practices allowed them to secure additional savings by leveraging extensive freight relationships. Even though ipsy’s products are intricate, the Saddle Creek team helped build a packaging and shipping procedure that will grow with the company and as it expands. Saddle Creek’s nationwide network of facilities stands ready to support the company’s needs.

Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Since our inception in 1966, Saddle Creek has grown into an integrated, nationwide logistics firm, but our core values and goals have not changed. See how the time-tested principles our company was founded on continue to serve our clients and fuel our growth.

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Although the company has seen a lot of growth, our founding principles haven’t changed. Saddle Creek remains a family-owned company, and still adheres to the original mission of taking care to understand our customers’ unique business objectives and delivering custom logistic solutions to help achieve them.

This video provides some company background and a full, in-depth catalogue of the services provided by Saddle Creek. Each service—from warehousing and transportation, to packaging and order fulfillment—is explained in depth. See how Saddle Creek uses our vast industry experience and innovation to help make customers more profitable and efficient.

Saddle Creek’s Warehousing Service

Many businesses in today’s economy live and die by their abilities to store and ship inventory effectively and efficiently. See how Saddle Creek’s tailor-made warehousing solutions help clients reduce inventory costs, expand into new markets, and accommodate seasonal fluctuations.

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With millions of shared and dedicated warehouse square feet and experience across multiple industries and markets, Saddle Creek Logistics is equipped to handle virtually any commodity anywhere. See how they employ capabilities like cross-stocking or control and process engineering to customize solutions that are tailored to their clients’ needs.

Saddle Creek’s Fulfillment Services

Before shipping even begins, Saddle Creek’s integration experts meet with each customer to review and establish their unique needs. See how value added features like kitting, labeling, and/or tagging give customers the ability to create their own unique product configurations and package designs.

Saddle Creek is so committed to order accuracy that we check each order multiple times to ensure that each and every shipment is correct before it’s packaged. See how advanced technology allows us to seamlessly integrate with each of customer’s ordering systems, using a variety of application protocol interfaces.

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Watch this video to see how even before shipping begins, Saddle Creek’s integration experts meet with each customer to review and establish their unique needs. See how value added features like kitting, labeling or tagging give customers the ability to create their own unique product configurations and package designs.

Saddle Creek is so committed to order accuracy that they check each order multiple times to ensure that each and every shipment is right before it’s packaged. In this video, they also showcase how their advanced technology allows them to seamlessly integrate with each of their customer’s ordering systems by using a variety of application protocol interfaces.

Saddle Creek’s Transportation Service

Producing a great product is one thing, getting it to customers quickly, affordably, and accurately is another. See how Saddle Creek is able to offer a full range of transportation solutions, from regional fleet operations to total transportation management.

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Our commitment to excellence has led to the equipping of every truck with satellite tracking and other state-of-­the-­art technologies to increase safety and reduce cost.

Discover how Saddle Creek keeps their customers’ freight moving via a full-service brokerage, based in Lakeland, Florida. With multiple carriers under contract and advanced management and reporting systems, we’re able to provide a total transportation solution for practically any commodity nationwide.

Saddle Creek’s Packaging Service

The ever-changing world of manufacturing and retail, demands custom, specific packaging solutions for every retailer and manufacturer. It’s difficult for many companies to keep up, but Saddle Creek has consistently been able to step in to help brands scale.

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Saddle Creek makes an extra effort to ensure that our packaging services are anything but cookie cutter. We work with our clients to understand their markets and assist them in meeting the demands of their customers in a way that reduces supply chain costs.

Learn how Saddle Creek employs a variety of techniques to fulfill customer orders such as kitting, display building, repacking, and a broad spectrum of other secondary packing capabilities. With innovative practices and flexible methods, Saddle Creek is able to help all our customers stay competitive in their respective markets.

The Great American Green Ride: A Case Study in Sustainable Transportation

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is a 21st-century imperative. This is true for Saddle Creek Logistics and our customers. Follow compressed natural gas (CNG) driver Robert Chinnici as he makes Saddle Creek’s first 3000-mile trip across the country from Lakeland, Florida, to San Diego, California.

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The cross-country CNG trip makes its first stop in Albany, Georgia, to pick up paper products from Procter and Gamble—one of Saddle Creek’s leading CNG customers.

Saddle Creek is helping clients achieve their sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprints with CNG—one of the cleanest burning fuels available. CNG saves up to a pound of carbon per mile traveled, and on long hauls that adds up quickly. It’s also a reliable fuel produced in North America with prices that are less volatile than diesel so participating companies can better stabilize their fuel costs.

See how Saddle Creek is making serious strides on our journey toward sustainability.

NU SKIN: Custom Fulfillment Solutions for Growth and Savings

“Saddle Creek’s flexibility has been invaluable to us—from building out a fully enclosed, climate-controlled facility to integrating with our warehouse management system of choice. They’ve done whatever it takes to meet our needs.”—Brad Morris, VP Global Supply Chain

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NU SKIN is a premier direct-selling provider of quality skincare and nutrition products. Many competitors have retail location shelf space, so NU SKIN must have both a great product and the ability to get it to their customers in a hurry in order to compete.

NU SKIN was growing quickly from their headquarters in Provo, Utah, but they were still having a hard time fulfilling orders east of the Mississippi. Saddle Creek worked quickly to make some big logistical changes that helped them blow the eastern part of their market wide open.

We established a dedicated operation on one of our east coast campuses and invested heavily in packing and shipping automation. In less than six weeks, we built out a 27,000 square foot, temperature controlled facility, and NU SKIN’s efficiency and ability to fulfill orders saw a quick, significant boost.

See how the changes they’ve made have given them both room to grow and accommodate fluctuations that may occur during promotional activity. Not only is NU SKIN now able to deliver order times of three days or less for most of their entire customer base, they are also able to utilize Saddle Creek’s negotiated rates on lightweight parcels with saves them an extra 11% on shipping costs.

NuSkin Build and Process

In the skin care and nutrition product industry, getting orders to your customer quickly is key. With Saddle Creek Logistics’ help, NU SKIN boosted their order fulfillment speed and efficiency.

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NU SKIN enterprises, a premier direct-selling provider of quality skin care products, is growing quickly but they were having a hard time fulfilling orders east of the Mississippi fast enough to from their headquarters in Provo, Utah. That changed once they started working with Saddle Creek.

In this short time-lapse video, see how Saddle Creek established a dedicated operation on one of their east coast campuses in under 6 weeks. With 27,000 temperature controlled square feet to work with, Saddle Creek has boosted NU SKIN’s efficiency and ability to fulfill orders quickly. In this video see just how they designed NU SKIN’s new operation step-by-step.

Ecommerce Fulfillment Interview with Cliff Otto

In this brief interview, Russell Goodman, editor in chief of SupplyChainBrain, talks with Cliff Otto, president of Saddle Creek Logistics, about future trends in the shipping industry.

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Watch the video to hear Otto’s take on more and more consumers turning toward e-retailing, an industry that’s growing in sales volume by 10% per year by some estimates.

As the process of order fulfillment becomes more complex, businesses need to adapt to the changing environment. In this video, Goodman and Otto discuss what sort of new investments in technology and warehouse management solutions may be needed to stay competitive. See what an industry insider has to say about the future of logistics.

Saddle Creek CNG: Sustainability in Transportation Logistics

Saddle Creek’s recent investment in CNG (compressed natural gas) powered trucks has changed the way we do business with customers. See how the new CNG trucks save money, increase safety and help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

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Since the introduction of the CNG program, Saddle Creek has been providing benefits for our customers and our communities each and every day.

The natural gas trucks run with near-zero emissions, and reduce carbon output by nearly 30%. For example, each CNG truck can reduce a fleet’s carbon footprint by approximately 110,000 pounds annually, equivalent to recycling more than 1,500,000 plastic bottles per year. See the impact that this new initiative is making on the logistics industry.

Saddle Creek Special Announcement

Cliff Otto, president of Saddle Creek, has a very special announcement. After 45 years of custom, flexible service for our customers, Saddle Creek is expanding our offerings and updating our image. Watch this brief announcement for all the details.

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