Transportation Services

Fleet Operations

Our dedicated fleet boasts industry-leading safety ratings and greater than 99% on-time delivery. A growing CNG fleet supports your sustainability efforts.

Transportation Services

Saddle Creek’s full range of transportation services cover truckload, LTL, parcel, intermodal, flatbed, rail, and more.

Transportation Management

Our transportation management system (TMS) technology provides 24/7 access to real-time data and custom reporting options.

Our transportation services include a dedicated fleet, a range of options and a TMS.

What do you do when seven truckloads of product is en route, and the end retailer updates their required specifications? Read the whole story, and find out how Saddle Creek updated over 20,000 units and still delivered the shipment on time.

Fleet Operations

Saddle Creek offers regional service from multiple fleet locations in the southeast and southwest with on time service rates above 99% and industry leading safety ratings.

Have a need for a dedicated fleet? Saddle Creek runs dedicated fleet operations for customers in many locations.  Put our transportation expertise to work in your supply chain today.

Brokerage Services

Our brokerage division is dedicated to doing Whatever It Takes to help your business increase efficiency and reduce costs. The Saddle Creek network has the capacity for every shipment and the flexibility to meet all of your requirements, and the technology that provides access to:

State-of-the-art route optimization
Multi-mode management
Web-enabled track-and-trace
Up-to-the minute KPI reporting and analysis
Freight audit and bill pay


Our transportation management system (TMS) is web-enabled technology that provides real-time reporting on the KPIs that matter to your business. The system’s transportation management tools include:

Shipment planning
Track and trace
Carrier performance management
Rate bid optimization
Exception-based alerts
Leading EDI capabilities

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the cleanest alternatives to fossil fuels.  Saddle Creek operates CNG tractors in multiple fleet locations in the southeast and southwest.

Our CNG trucks support your company’s commitment to the environment without sacrificing the quality of our services:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Stable costs
  • Improved safety
  • Non-interruptible fuel source
  • Domestic fuel supply

Learn more about our compressed natural gas fleet, and how it can improve your services while saving you money.

Integrated Transport and Logistics

Make sure your product always gets to distributors and clients on-time and on-budget—even in complicated circumstances. As your business continues to grow, our integrated 3PL approach can seamlessly add warehousing, omnichannel fulfillment, packing, and more.


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