Growing businesses often patch together supply chains as different functions become necessary. Saddle Creek can help streamline some or all of the supply chain to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

How Saddle Creek Reduces Your Supply Chain Cost

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions at Saddle Creek. A dedicated solutions team works closely with each Saddle Creek partner to understand the whole business, including:

  • Order volume
  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Product characteristics
  • Acceptable transit times

With this information, we can leverage our experience and our network to design a custom solution that best fits your business. Maximum efficiency requires a supply chain process customized to your unique business.

Postponing product customization as late into the supply chain as possible helps reduce transportation spend. Improved inventory control and flexibility for customer demands also reduces the frequency of returns, lowering supply chain cost even further.

Delaying product configurations, however, is not something that most companies can do in-house. It requires a network of warehouse spaces and a flexible transportation fleet. Saddle Creek’s resources and equipment are available to fill the in gap and help reduce supply chain costs.

Shipping product across the country (or the world, for some Saddle Creek partners) can be expensive, and becomes a barrier to growth for many companies. Establishing your own distribution centers requires a huge up-front investment of finances and time.

Each one of Saddle Creek’s existing campuses is strategically located near popular ports, markets, and manufacturing communities nationwide. Your distribution processes become more efficient when products are kitted, assembled, and shipped from within two business days of their end users.

Reduced Cost Success Story

“Using Saddle Creek on the west coast has helped us reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction, and we look forward to continuing this relationship with Saddle Creek going forward.”

Russ Whittle
Princess House

3PL Services that Reduce Your Costs


Our warehouses are not only strategically located, they are managed by experienced teams who know how to improve efficiencies.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Our omnichannel fulfillment solutions use an integrated network of technology services to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.


In addition to a dedicated fleet, and leading TMS technology, our compressed natural gas fleet can help you save on fuel costs.


Avoid inventory overruns, reduce returns, and improve efficiencies with custom packaging solutions and an experienced team.


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