Shipping fees have never been popular with consumers, but the cost of transportation isn’t going away any time soon. An integrated 3PL approach is the best way to manage your transportation spend.

Transportation Management Technology

Our web-enabled transportation management system (TMS) provides state-of-the-art reporting capabilities for all of our clients and carriers. Some of our TMS tools include:

  • Shipment planning
  • Track-and-trace
  • Carrier performance management
  • Rate bid optimization
  • Freight pay and audit

In addition, mobile communications in Saddle Creek trucks helps to improve route and dispatcher efficiencies, vehicle performance, and fuel optimization.

Transportation Savings Success Stories

A GPS manufacturer shipped seven truckloads of product with outdated specifications. Saddle Creek was able to use our network of dedicated locations to divert the shipments, update the products, and still deliver more than 20,000 units on time. Read more.

AriZona Beverages distributes to a convenience chain with tight deadline requirements. When orders are placed, the Saddle Creek team gets up to 3000 cases picked, shipped, broken down, and delivered on time in less than 24 hours. Read more.

Integrated 3PL Solutions that Keep Transportation Costs Down

A team of experienced transportation solutions providers isn’t the only way to manage transportation spend. An integrated 3PL approach is the best way to leverage as many resources as possible for the most efficient service.

Integrated 3PL services, for example, allow us to evaluate alternative modes of transportation, and adjust packing designs to improve freight density. Other advantages include:

  • Cross-docking —Cross docking requires less warehouse space and less labor. It also allows us to consolidate LTL shipments into full truckloads.
  • Nationwide locations —A network of nationwide locations provides shared warehousing space, and distribution centers within two business days of almost anywhere in the U.S.

Most companies can manage their own transportation logistics for a while, but scaling freight services can get costly. When you partner with an integrated 3PL partner, you know you’re getting the best deal on transportation.


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