The ability to create personalized subscription orders, or customize product offerings to different regions nationwide, is what sets some brands apart. Saddle Creek can take the complicated logistics off your plate, so you can just say, “Yes” to customers.

3PL Solutions to Delay Product Customization

When product customization happens as close to the end user as possible, you can be more flexible and more responsive to customer demands. Our streamlined technology services and a nationwide network of warehouse space give you all the tools to postpone product configuration for improved inventory control, increased speed-to-market, and more opportunities for transportation savings.

Customized Product Success Stories

Every month, Saddle Creek kits, assembles, verifies, and ships more than 400,000 custom Glam Bags for ipsy customers all over the world in time for a coordinated, online event.


The TalkingRain Beverage Company starting exclusively producing 18-packs, because Saddle Creek can convert them to 6-, 12-, and 24-packs to better customize customer orders.

Supply Chain Solution: Kitting

Kitting is the process of combining multiple products into new product kits or packs. Partnering with an experienced, sophisticated 3PL team for kitting allows you to focus on what you do best: designing and manufacturing solutions for your market.

Whether you need large packs broken down into various sizes of smaller kits, or raw materials assembled into consumer-ready packaging, Saddle Creek already has the technology, space, and equipment to put the perfect finishing touches on your products.

fulfillment distribution center

Improve Your Product Offerings

Whether you need custom orders assembled for a subscription model, or bulk items customized and repacked for various locations nationwide, Saddle Creek can handle any degree of product customization.


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