Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations


Saddle Creek operates millions of square feet of dedicated warehouse space for customers all over the U.S..  Whether we are replacing an existing provider or expanding your supply chain into new markets, we can customize a solution designed to improve service, control cost and most importantly make it all seamless to your customer.


Operating a warehouse in a shared environment provides you with more flexibility to handle seasonal or promotional fluctuations. It provides you with the means to handle rapid growth by expanding and contracting space requirements as needed. By using Saddle Creek’s experienced and vetted labor force, you can cut overhead, easily scale according to fluctuating needs and increase efficiency.

Cross Dock

Cross docking can help increase your speed to market, reduce costs, and improve service levels.  Saddle Creek is an Industry Leader in Cross-Docking Services and have been successfully operating cross-docks for more than 30 years, committed to continually refining our operations to make cross-docking an even more effective solution for our customers.

  • Wireless technology improvements make it easier to track trailers and improve yard productivity.
  • Technology enhancements have improved visibility of order tracking.
  • Dock layout enhancements and process improvements allow products to move through our cross-dock operations even faster.

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At Saddle Creek, we help customers across the country increase supply chain efficiency, streamline their businesses, and manage operational costs. Find out how our integrated solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business goals and give you a competitive edge.

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