Cross-Docking Services

Cross-Docking Services

Cross-docking, the art of unloading freight from an inbound vehicle and immediately loading it into outbound vehicles, allows us to sort incoming freight to different destinations or combine products for one final destination. This practice gets your product to market faster and cuts costs by using less warehouse space and labor. Cross-docking is especially beneficial for businesses that need a heavy volume moved quickly and accurately.

  • Increased speed to market – With high turn rates and reduced handling, cross-docking helps to increase efficiency and get products to market faster.
  • Reduced costs – Cross-docking requires a smaller footprint than traditional warehousing and often utilizes less labor as well.
  • Improved service levels – Because product is shipped in bulk and picked up at the cross-dock, the practice offers great flexibility for changes to orders further down the supply chain

We’re an Industry Leader in Cross-Docking Services

We have been successfully operating cross-docks for more than 30 years, committed to continually refining our operations to make cross-docking an even more effective solution for our customers.

  • Wireless technology improvements make it easier to track trailers and improve yard productivity.
  • Technology enhancements have improved visibility of order tracking.
  • Dock layout enhancements and process improvements allow products to move through our cross-dock operations even faster.

Can Cross-Docking Help Your Business?

Cross-docking increases speed to market and reduces brick-and-mortar costs. It makes the most sense when companies need to move a heavy volume with extreme provision and complete accuracy, within a tight time frame.

Cross-docking makes sense when:

  • Current fulfillment and distribution models cannot meet customer needs.
  • Outdated strategies extend cycle times and compromise self-life guarantees.
  • Transportation networks become over-burdened, diminishing performance rates and increasing cost.

Our business depends on being able to have the right product in the right place at the right time at the right price. Saddle Creek enables us to do just that. Terry Blomgren, Multiquip

Why Outsource Cross-Docking to a 3PL Partner?

Many companies are looking to 3PL’s for managing all, or part of their crossdocking operation. Whether you lack the resources in-house, or find the processes of a 3PL to be beneficial, here are some reasons to consider outsourcing your crossdocking operation to a 3PL.

3PL Experience

Cross-docking is a core competency for logistics operations like Saddle Creek. Carrying out this strategy in-house, and doing it well, allows us to perform this high value service for our clients. Outsourcing cross-docking operations is especially popular for businesses moving high-security and/or temperature-controlled products.

Lower Overhead

Cross-docking operations are designed to save your company money, but the substantial initial investment in to the operation can be a deterrent. Many businesses choose to outsource cross-docking services to avoid the overhead cost, as well as ongoing maintenance and investment in the ever-evolving technology.

3PL Integration

Outsourcing cross-dock services to a 3PL partner with an integrated approach to logistics can improve efficiencies through the supply chain. If your warehousing and/or transportation services are outsourced, for example, it makes sense to keep cross-docking work in the same hands.

Reduced Cost

Companies that outsource cross-docking processes are more likely to have warehouse/distribution center operations that are larger in size. Larger, more diversified companies often look for new ways to save money on a particular piece of their business and identify cross-docking as an effective option, however, this also can work for smaller companies seeking to optimize segments of their operations.

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