Parcel Shipping

Parcel Shipping

Our diverse carrier network allows you to explore numerous options and services that each carrier provides, without the commitment to a single carrier.  We take the hassle out of parcel shipping, so you and your customers can get the fast, reliable service you expect. With millions of parcel shipments processed monthly, our relationships with preferred shippers allow you to reduce your largest fulfillment-related expense, shipping. Further, our robust OMS system enables us to shop rates in real-time. Allowing you to take advantage of the best rates with the right carrier, while still meeting your customer transit expectations. Saddle Creek’s complete parcel solution manages all the administrative tasks associated with shipping, including:

  • Parcel billing
  • Auditing
  • Reporting
  • Strategic planning and optimization
  • Problem resolution

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At Saddle Creek, we help customers across the country increase supply chain efficiency, streamline their businesses, and manage operational costs. Find out how our integrated solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business goals and give you a competitive edge.

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