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Parcel Shipping Solutions

Skyrocketing parcel shipment volume, capacity constraints and growing expectations for fast, free shipping makes parcel management more critical than ever. Taking a strategic approach to shipping can help you increase efficiency, satisfy your customers and control transit time and costs.

Not sure where to start? With extensive industry experience, established connections, proven strategies and robust technologies, our parcel experts stand ready to help design your optimal shipping solution.

Carrier Management

We’ve established relationships with the top parcel carriers, so you can explore options and services rather than committing to a single carrier. Since we process millions of parcel shipments every month, we offer collective buying power. In addition, our parcel team understands the factors that impact transit cost (rate increases, surcharges, DIM weight, service level, etc.) and help to mitigate their impact.

Parcel Analytics

Our robust parcel analytics reporting suite gives you remarkable visibility into delivery metrics and costs. All of your carrier invoice and transit data is compiled in a unified database, so you can see your total parcel spend. The time-in-transit dashboard allows you to monitor carrier performance, evaluate your parcel strategy and see the potential cost impact of changing rates, surcharges, carriers or service levels.

Dynamic Carrier Selection

Rate-shopping software can help identify the most economical solution to meet your customers’ delivery expectations. We may be able to reduce your shipping costs by as much as 25% without sacrificing speed to customer. If you need to reach consumers even faster, we can combine rate-shopping and transit-shopping to improve delivery times by two days for 35% less than static routing.

Distribution Modeling

Finding the right distribution network can help you improve delivery time and cost significantly. Our experienced parcel team can analyze your order volume and shipping patterns and determine the best for your distribution centers. To see how changing distribution nodes can impact your parcel spend, check out our interactive map.


Parcel Program Management

We take the hassle out of parcel shipping, so you and your customers can get the fast, reliable service you expect. Our complete parcel solution manages all the administrative tasks associated with shipping, including strategic planning and optimization, parcel billing, auditing, reporting, time-in-transit validation, problem resolution and more.

Rate shopping allows us to make the best financial decision. It hasn’t impacted the customer at all, but it has definitely shielded us from the impact of carrier changes such as extra fuel surcharges. James Fairleigh, Senior Director of Supply Chain at Humann

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