White Papers E-Fulfillment Trends and the Value of Outsourcing

Managing E-Fulfillment for your company can come with many risks. There’s the Freight Costs, managing the accessibility of your channels and competing with larger, more established retailers like Amazon and eBay.

 According to a survey Saddle Creek Logistics Services conducted of 160 business professionals, E-Commerce is expected to grow around 10% a year, and E-Commerce already accounts for 11% of all sales.With these numbers, as well as a shifting trend toward multi-channel retailing, a comprehensive knowledge of E-Fulfillment Trends is an essential tool for management.

Outsourcing to a 3PL, and creating a “one stop shop” for processes such as packaging, cross-docking and bar coding has also become an effective means of managing E-Fulfillment with benefits including:

  • Reducing Overhead Expenditures
  • Improving Process Times
  • Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

To find more information on these trends, our survey and what professionals at Saddle Creek Logistics have learned through their experiences, please download the whitepaper below.

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