White Papers Cross-Docking Trends Report

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Cross-Docking, or shipping incoming products to customers with minimal storage time — in between loading into a warehouse and loading into outbound trucks — is fast becoming a reliable, safe and speedy means of delivering a vast array of wares.

In a group survey, business professionals preferred Cross-Docking to traditional warehouse usage, and planned to increase their usage of Cross-Dock facilities due to the many advantages inherent to the process.

If you’re looking to better scrutinize your supply chains and maximize your output, Cross-Docking is a very enticing, and effective, means of achieving your goals. This emerging trend in shipping is so valuable because with it you can:

  • Increase the rate at which your product can be sold on the market
  • Cut costs
  • Consolidate shipments
  • Better manage your inventory

Download our helpful guide to Cross-Docking to learn how Saddle Creek Logistics and our dedicated Cross-Docking facilities can help improve your business.