Case Studies KURU Footwear | Scalable Fulfillment

Millions of customers enjoy the amazing style, comfort and support of KURU Footwear. The ecommerce brand has relied on Saddle Creek to fulfill direct-to-consumer orders for more than a decade. To see how the partnership enabled KURU to scale for record growth, watch the video.


0:03 Sean McGinnis, KURU Footwear: So KURU Footwear…we make stylish shoes for foot pain. We’ve been around for over 15 years now. Our CEO and founder Brett Rasmussen invented some technology called the KURUCLOUD and the KURUSOLE that we embed in every single pair of shoes that we make and we’re really proud the fact that we help Americans every day get back to normal.

0:21 SM: KURU Footwear is a direct-to-consumer shoe brand and 99% of our sales are handled through our website and delivered into the customer’s home directly through our partnership with Saddle Creek Logistics.

0:31 SM: Our growth has been empowered by better understanding our customers and by delivering on our promise on a regular basis. As I think of our growth especially in the last couple years during the pandemic, we doubled our volumes and we would not have been able to do that but for the relationship with Saddle Creek Logistics.

0:51 Joel Carlin, KURU Footwear: KURU has experienced a lot of huge order spikes and we’ve expanded our product line and added more SKUs to meet customer demand. Saddle Creek Logistics has been able to scale with KURU whether that means increased staffing or new improved processes and systems improvements.

1:09 Zach Purdom, Saddle Creek Logistics Services: We’ve had to work together to maintain really aggressive growth from the KURU business. We have a really robust WMS and OMS system that enables us to channel volume from KURU through our warehouse and out the door to customers at a 99.9% on time shipping rate every day.

1:29 ZP: We leverage a very narrow aisle picking solution which prioritizes high-velocity SKUs at lower level locations and allows us to keep up that daily throughput.

1:39 JC: Saddle Creek has always brought new process improvements to the table to our mutual benefit – the latest of which is mobile printing technology. It’s really speeding the throughput on our outbound fulfillment.

1:51 ZP: We’re now able to use mobile technology to print packing slips and shipping labels at the point of pick – increasing our daily output and productivity by 20%.

2:00 SM: When I think of the partnership that KURU Footwear has been able to establish with Saddle Creek Logistics, I think of a true partnership. When we’re growing as fast as KURU Footwear is, we really need partners who can support that growth and Saddle Creek Logistics has been with us every step of the way for over 10 years now. Growing double digits annually is no small feat for both us but also for our supply chain partnership. Saddle Creek has been able to support that growth flawlessly.


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