News Saddle Creek Logistics Recognized for Stand-Out Service

At Saddle Creek Logistics, we’re bursting with pride to be recognized as a 2020 Quest for Quality Award winner in the 3PL Service Provider category. Based on a survey of Logistics Management subscribers, this annual award is a highly regarded measure of customer satisfaction and service performance in the logistics and transportation industry.

Thanks to Our Clients for Sharing Their Feedback!

Quest for Quality winners were selected based on an extensive poll of industry professionals involved in the buying process for transportation and logistics services. More than 4,500 respondents voted for providers that they have utilized for a specific service category in the past 12 months and believe to have delivered the best quality service.

Saddle Creek was selected as a winner for the 3PL Service Provider category based on feedback from our clients. They gave us especially high marks for the following criteria:

  • Order fulfillment – Orders sent complete and without damage; including proper documentation.
  • Inventory management – Maintains appropriate inventory at all points in the distribution channel with no stock-outs or overstocks.
  • Information systems – Knowledgeable in all aspects of information management systems, including planning and ordering transportation, warehouse management systems, enterprise management and user friendliness.
  • Carrier selection / negotiation – Selects appropriate mode and carrier for optimal service requirements and negotiates competitive rates.

We’re honored to be recognized by our clients for delivering an outstanding level of service. Going forward, we’ll continue to uphold our standards of excellence and do Whatever It Takes to support our clients.

Want to know more about Saddle Creek? Learn about our full range of services, including omnichannel fulfillment, warehousing and transportation. While you’re at it, check out our advanced technology, and commitment to continuous improvement.

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