Case Studies XTERRA | Case Study: Fulfillment

XTERRA Wetsuits

XTERRA Wetsuits is committed to bringing all triathletes the best performing triathlon wetsuits at the greatest value, combined with superior customer service. Saddle Creek Logistics Services was selected by XTERRA Wetsuits based on its cost-effective fulfillment blended with a commitment to excellence.

The Business Challenge

XTERRA Wetsuits operated its own warehouse in Southern California. However, with the market success of XTERRA Wetsuits’ products, senior management was forced to cope with a growing set of warehousing and fulfillment challenges. Furthermore, with more than 60 percent of their customers living east of the Rockies, XTERRA Wetsuits was seeking a warehousing and fulfillment solution that would reduce transit times as well as freight expenditures.

The Solution

XTERRA Wetsuits and Saddle Creek evaluated a range of distribution center alternatives, and ultimately settled on utilizing a single Saddle Creek distribution center in San Diego, CA. In doing so, XTERRA Wetsuits minimized its overall inventory levels, while improving the average delivery time to its wetsuit customers. XTERRA Wetsuits integrated its website with the Saddle Creek warehouse management system to allow for the seamless flow of orders from customer to distribution center.

The Results

In addition to transit time improvement, XTERRA Wetsuits was able to garner significant freight savings through Saddle Creek’s transportation services. No longer requiring their own warehouse, XTERRA Wetsuits was able to secure a smaller office and showroom, further reducing their operating expenses. Furthermore, senior management was no longer burdened by the management of warehouse operations, freeing them to focus on sales, product development, and overall corporate strategic direction.

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