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As the saying goes, “You can never have too many shoes.” At least that’s the hope of one major footwear retailer selling more than 17 million pairs annually. They turned to Saddle Creek to ensure seamless fulfillment across all sales channels.

The Business Challenge

While the retailer traditionally sold in both brick-and-mortar stores and online, online channels have recently emerged as a focal point. With a strategic plan to make advancements in the years ahead, they sought the expertise of a third-party partner who could provide a custom omnichannel solution to support their future sales model. Saddle Creek was a natural choice to help advance them to the next level.

The Solution

In just six weeks, Saddle Creek implemented a highly configurable, cost-effective warehouse management solution. A full RF solution, which includes mobile wearable RF technology, gives users hands-free capability to handle the single-shoe units that are being processed to the stores and directly to the end customer through the retailer’s ecommerce portal. Full data integration with the retailer’s multiple business units allows the continuous flow of data to and from their host system to the Saddle Creek WMS.

The Results

Saddle Creek now fulfills 80 percent of the retailer’s total orders, supporting all of their stores nationwide in either a primary or secondary capacity. In addition to store replenishment, the 3PL also manages the entire ecommerce channel and new store-set programs and all specialty store-support functions such as returns and seasonal resets for the entire nationwide footprint. The solution has resulted in significant gains in customer service and order cycle times. The retailer views Saddle Creek as an extension of its supply chain team and values their involvement in strategic planning and continuous improvement.

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