Case Studies A.R.I. Optimal Flow Solutions | Case Study: Fulfillment

A.R.I. Optimal Flow Solutions | Case Study: Fulfillment

A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories is a leading manufacturer of air and check
valves, providing water system and pipeline protection from transient
pressures and entrapped air. This ISO-certified international manufacturer
has engaged Saddle Creek Logistics Services to handle its warehousing and
distribution for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The Business Challenge

A.R.I. desired to grow its U.S. sales of air and check valves. The company
engaged a U.S.-based contract field sales force, but it also needed a costeffective
approach for stocking and distributing products throughout the
United States. In addition, A.R.I. required a system that would allow their
contract sales force to remotely submit orders and track deliveries.

The Solution

Saddle Creek was retained to provide the U.S.-based warehousing,
fulfillment and systems support for A.R.I. Products were shipped from
A.R.I.’s manufacturing facility in Israel to Saddle Creek’s distribution center
to allow for fast delivery throughout the United Sates. Saddle Creek’s order
management system was leveraged to provide direct access by each field
sales representative. The sales representatives were given access to the
Saddle Creek system, but, through password protections, were limited to
viewing only orders and shipments for their individual territories. Sales
representatives were also given the on-line capability for directly entering
orders into the Saddle Creek system.

The Results

Inventory was stocked in the U.S. and service levels and sales grew quickly.
Sales representatives were trained to utilize the new system and received the
data necessary for making and tracking their sales commitments. This client
now maintains a multimillion-dollar business in the U.S. with Saddle Creek
providing its core warehousing, fulfillment and system support.

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