Case Studies Personal Navigation Devices | Case Study: Transportation

Personal Navigation Devices | Case Study: Transportation

Meeting tight retail delivery windows, identifying the most cost-effective shipping options, closely monitoring the transportation pipeline … these are just some of the ways that Saddle Creek Transportation helps a leading personal navigation device manufacturer to control costs and deliver superior customer service. Working closely with one of the manufacturer’s other logistics partners, the 3PL regularly delivers thousands of pounds of personal navigation devices to the DC networks of more than 25 top retailers — serving nearly 100 separate locations.

The Business Challenge

Saddle Creek manages the entire transportation process for the manufacturer, and fast decisions and smart solutions are required amidst heavy shipping volumes. For example, as seven truckloads of GPS kits were en route to a major U.S. retailer in the Northeast, it was discovered that the kits did not comply with new specifications from the end retailer. All 20,150 units needed to be relabeled before reaching the retailer. Timing was critical to meet a tight delivery window.

The Solution

Leveraging its warehousing and packaging services, Saddle Creek offered an integrated solution guaranteed to meet the crucial deadline. The 3PL diverted the trucks to its Charlotte campus. Over the weekend, the Saddle Creek team designed and printed new labels, so they were ready when the trucks off-loaded the product on Monday morning. In just seven hours, they completely re-labeled 20,150 units and got the shipment back on the road.

The Results

The kits were delivered on time with the correct labels. The GPS manufacturer had a record sale day while avoiding significant late shipment penalties. Saddle Creek’s integrated solution delivered.

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