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In 2020, actor, producer, and restaurateur Mark Wahlberg teamed up with producer Stephen Levinson and Harry Arnett to redefine athleisure wear. MUNICIPAL was born.

To ensure accurate and efficient order fulfillment for its high-performance sport utility gear, the company turned to Saddle Creek Logistics Services.

The Challenge

In spite of launching during the COVID-19 pandemic, the high-visibility brand was expected to take off quickly. MUNICIPAL needed a swift start-up and the ability to accommodate rapid growth – without cutting corners on the brand experience. Ensuring quality at every touchpoint was critical.

The Solution

Saddle Creek quickly engineered a custom ecommerce fulfillment solution that could meet MUNICIPAL’s immediate needs and grow along with the company.

The 3PL opted for a SpeedCell® storage system instead of traditional racking. Able to accommodate thousands of SKUs, the rolling units maximize storage density and allow for faster order picking. They also keep apparel in pristine condition.

To increase velocity and throughput for growing order volume, Saddle Creek implemented a pick-and-pass system. Segmenting the warehouse into zones and assigning pickers for each zone helps minimize distance traveled while improving efficiency and accuracy. A power conveyor moves orders through the picking process.

Attention to detail during order pack-out helps ensure optimal product quality. Silica gel packets are added to poly-bagged apparel to prevent moisture build-up. Branded packing tape is applied in one direction on headwear boxes for maximum impact. Other apparel items ship in branded black poly mailers.

Saddle Creek also handles reverse logistics. Resealable mailers with enclosed return labels simplify the returns process for customers.

The Results

Since the July 2020 launch, Saddle Creek has successfully delivered on MUNICIPAL’s requirements, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Orders ship same day. And customers enjoy an optimal brand experience when they receive their packages.

With order volume expected to rise, operations can easily shift from handling hundreds of orders to thousands each day – thanks to scalable systems, space and staffing.

With significant growth on the horizon, the companies will continue to work closely together to ensure seamless operations.

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Saddle Creek was definitely our best fulfillment option. With their overall operational knowledge, it was a ‘no brainer.’
Tyson Alvarez
Sr Director of Finance and Operations