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When a well-known home and office product manufacturer needed a new logistics partner in the Memphis, TN area, it had ambitious objectives to fill in short order: maintain the company’s trademark customer service, control costs and improve visibility. Fortunately, Saddle Creek Logistics Services could deliver.

The Business Challenge

Late December is typically not a time when you’d transition to a new thirdparty logistics provider. But, in the midst of the holiday hubbub, with the end of the fiscal year just three months away, the manufacturer needed a 3PL to manage distribution and transportation operations in its largest facility. Timing made a quick and efficient operational takeover essential. In order to hit the ground running, the manufacturer needed a provider with extensive industry expertise and an outstanding reputation for customer service.

The Solution

Saddle Creek quickly established a comprehensive action plan and arrived with a rapid response team including key players from the 3PL’s management, human resources, safety, and process engineering teams. In the first week alone, the team conducted a full physical inventory of the distribution center while maintaining normal shipping operations. The 3PL devised a timely and cost-effective integrated solution that enhanced the transparency of operations, improved retail compliance and upheld the manufacturer’s strong service record.

The Results

Within a few weeks, Saddle Creek had accomplished numerous objectives designed to reduce costs and increase visibility while providing seamless customer service. With this solid track record, Saddle Creek began managing one million square feet of warehouse space, order processing, inventory control, and transportation management for the home-and-office product manufacturer’s Memphis distribution center.

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