Case Studies Graduation Source | Case Study: Fulfillment

Graduation Source | Case Study: Fulfillment

Supplying over 30,000 schools with regalia for commencements is no small feat. Graduates look forward to receiving their Graduation Source items in honor of their special day. Fast, accurate, cost-effective and on-time delivery is a high priority. The

Business Challenge

In order to maintain service quality while keeping logistics cost under control, Graduation Source needed a partner who could provide better inventory and order visibility and improved operational efficiency. With the previous logistics provider, as many as five Graduation Source associates were needed to manage the 3rd party relationship. Inaccurate inventory counts and lack of real-time data significantly increased Graduation Source’s inventory carrying costs and inbound/ outbound shipping costs.

The Solution

With an urgent need to improve efficiency, inventory visibility, reporting, and delivery times, Saddle Creek implemented a robust warehouse management system (WMS) seamlessly integrated with Graduation Source’s ERP system. Bi-directional application programming interfaces (APIs) ensure real-time data synchronization and data integrity. In addition, web portals and customized reporting allow Graduation Source to view real-time inventory with verified accuracy. The easy-to-use dashboards provide real-time visibility of order status and inventory availability. The onboarding process and system integration took less than 60 days and did not impact the customer experience.

The Results

Saddle Creek’s integrated technology solution has had a significant impact on order accuracy, delivery times, and inventory visibility. Data analysis now requires just one warehouse operations manager instead of five and can be done 50 percent faster, due to the features of Saddle Creek’s WMS platform. Overall inventory accuracy and visibility have increased significantly. As a result, Graduation Source has also been able to reduce on-hand inventory levels and dramatically reduce their monthly freight spend. “Saddle Creek has helped improve and simplify our entire fulfillment operation,” says Ioannis Saratsidis, Director of Operations for Graduation Source. “Their clean data, knowledge of the solution, and technology platform has streamlined our operation, allowing us to focus on growing our business. We’re in fulfillment heaven!”

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