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Like fine wines, some business partnerships keep getting better with age. E. & J. Gallo Winery began working with Saddle Creek more than two decades ago. Over the years, the 3PL has supported the winery’s B2B sales channel and helped expand operations, identifying strategic locations and opening multiple facilities. Today, they continue working together to grow the business in new sales channels.

Like-Minded Approach

The companies had a similar start. Gallo was established by brothers Ernest and Julio in 1933, while Saddle Creek was founded by David Lyons in 1966. In 2003, G3 Enterprises was established when multiple companies, owned by the 3rd generation of the Gallo family, combined to continue providing logistics and support services as well as production materials to the Winery and the beverage industry.

Compatible corporate cultures have likely played a role in fostering vital synergies, says Stephen Benard, G3 Enterprises Senior Manager, Business Development, Global Distribution, who has been working with Saddle Creek personally since 2005. “Our companies have a lot of the same values: family owned, employee focused and committed to doing the right thing – for the company and the individual,” he explains.

B2C Expertise

When Gallo decided to launch a B2C sales channel, it was only natural to look to Saddle Creek for logistics and expertise fulfillment support.

“We’re small potatoes when it comes to B2C,” Benard admits. “We were able to lean on and leverage Saddle Creek’s expertise in fulfillment and stand up operations in Fort Worth and Chicago. Their knowledge and experience were instrumental in getting our ecommerce operations off the ground.”

Technology Solutions

Saddle Creek’s omnichannel technology solutions played a key role in a successful ecommerce launch. Since Gallo was separately implementing an entire ERP changeover, there was a moratorium on systems changes, so it was necessary to integrate with Gallo’s legacy systems.

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Saddle Creek’s knowledge and experience were instrumental in getting operations off the ground.
Stephen Benard