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Minor changes can result in major improvements. Just ask G3 Enterprises, a leading logistics provider for the beverage and agriculture industries.

The Challenge

As winemakers worldwide are well aware, wine bottles must be handled with care. Broken bottles can be costly and impede productivity. Recognizing the importance of minimizing waste and reducing the potential for errors, G3 Enterprises counts on logistics partner Saddle Creek Logistics Services to routinely seek out opportunities for continuous improvement.

The Solution

Saddle Creek incorporates Lean and Six Sigma methodologies as part of its total quality management program. Gemba Walks, Kaizen events and Pareto analysis, as well as traditional engineering support, help to analyze processes and identify trouble areas. As issues are identified, the 3PL’s quality team develops appropriate solutions as well as the tools and training necessary for implementation. Recently, Saddle Creek has implemented a number of continuous improvement projects at its distribution facility in Jacksonville, Fla.:

  • When two-way clamps used to reconfigure pallets were causing significant breakage, the 3PL instituted a warehouse damage reduction project that cut
    loss from .06 percent of cases shipped to .03 percent.
  • Saddle Creek relocated dock plates that were causing case damage, implementing a 5S solution that corrected the problem and completely
    eliminated a recurring need for recoup labor.
  • By creating a rework station, the 3PL reduced the number of touches required to transfer bottles to display boxes and increased productivity by 17 percent.

The Results

Initiatives like these have helped G3 Enterprises to achieve significant cost savings in less than two years while upholding high standards for customer service.

“We truly value Saddle Creek’s on-going commitment to making our operations more efficient and cost-effective,” says Darren McDonough, G3 Enterprises Logistics Analyst.

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We truly value Saddle Creek’s on-going commitment to making our operations more efficient and cost-effective.
Darren McDonough
G3 Enterprises, Logistics Analyst