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With the motto “Life in forward motion”, Blenders Eyewear launched a brand of fresh, comfortable sunglasses at a reasonable price. With a large social media following and high-profile attention from major media outlets, the  brand has generated a consumer frenzy.

The Challenge

The Blenders Eyewear team welcomed rapid business growth but was overwhelmed by the increased sales volume. Promotions and seasonal events further taxed in-house fulfillment operations with dramatic spikes in order volume. The tipping point came in 2017 when the company reached 27,000 orders during the holiday season. Recognizing the need for a trusted partner, Blenders turned to Saddle Creek Logistics Services for omnichannel order fulfillment.

The Solution

Saddle Creek quickly designed and implemented a custom fulfillment solution for the retailer. With new each-pick operations, barcoded items are scanned and placed on mobile carts for increased efficiency and order accuracy. Checkout stations further facilitate order processing. Value-added services streamline operations for Blenders’ new Blendo Boxes, special sets of sunglasses in neoprene pouches. The 3PL also processes returns and fulfills Blenders’ orders sold via Amazon.

To accommodate dramatic surges in volume, Saddle Creek uses a more efficient footprint for order processing, adds temporary stations to handle peak-volume periods, and leverages shared labor and multiple shifts to provide 24-hour service.

The 3PL has also converted Blenders to a more sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Order Management System (OMS) to better handle growing order volume.

The Results

Saddle Creek’s custom fulfillment solution now allows Blenders to take business growth and volume spikes in stride. And thanks to proactive, strategic planning, operations easily handle seasonal spikes in order volume. The team fulfilled about 60,000 orders over Holiday 2018.

With fulfillment running smoothly, the Blenders team can concentrate on their core service offerings. As they plan for additional product lines and sales channels, they’ll rely on the 3PL’s extensive expertise to handle  fulfillment.

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Saddle Creek’s process improvements, scalable resources and robust technology have enabled us to embrace our current growth and plan for the future.
Chase Fisher