Blog Posts What You Need to Know When Managing Outbound Transportation

Key Takeaways

  • Transportation management poses numerous challenges for shippers today.
  • Saddle Creek’s newly released ebook explores the basics of managing outbound transportation.
  • The practical guide identifies key factors, trends and tips.

Finding capacity, ensuring on-time deliveries, controlling transportation costs… If you’re charged with transportation management, chances are, you face a host of challenges on a daily basis. Keeping up with the increasing complexity can be difficult for all but the most experienced industry veterans.

A New Handbook for Effective Transportation Management

To help shippers navigate this challenging landscape, Saddle Creek Logistics’ new ebook explores the basics of outbound transportation management. The Guide to Effective Transportation Management addresses a number of frequently asked questions:

  • What are the key factors to consider when building out a transportation solution?
  • Why is it important to shorten your length of haul?
  • What are the advantages of becoming a Preferred Shipper?
  • What technologies are commonly used to optimize transportation?
  • What options are available to help you manage transportation?

The ebook is intended to help shippers better understand today’s shipping environment and develop strategic transportation solutions that enable them to succeed. Read it now.

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