Blog Posts The Honest Kitchen Meets Pandemic Pet Food Demand

Key Takeaways

  • The Honest Kitchen saw a dramatic increase in order activity across all channels as a result of the pandemic.
  • The omnichannel logistics strategy that Saddle Creek helped the all-natural pet food company to develop proved invaluable in accommodating the influx.
  • The Honest Kitchen was able to meet customer demand and even grow its business.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for The Honest Kitchen pet food exploded. The company turned to long-standing fulfillment partner Saddle Creek for help handling record retail and ecommerce order volume.

In the latest issue of Inbound Logistics, Chief Financial Officer Jake Fuller and Director of Inventory Management and Logistics Joey Smits discuss The Honest Kitchen’s omnichannel growth, their experience during the pandemic and how Saddle Creek has helped them navigate both effectively.

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment Scales to Satisfy Surge

“In March, we saw a dramatic increase in order activity across all channels—from our online partners, but also from independent pet stores,” says Fuller. “We faced an unprecedented challenge: How do we fulfill and ship a great number of orders in the expected time frame to support our customers’ needs and demands during a difficult period?”

The Honest Kitchen and Saddle Creek strategized together, reprioritizing orders and shifting inventory to best meet customer needs across all channels while keeping staff safe.

Smits appreciates Saddle Creek’s ability to pull staff from other accounts to help as needed.

“Saddle Creek could be flexible and nimble because their staff is cross-trained across various clients that use systems that are similar to ours,” Smits says. “During unprecedented times, it was good to know that they had the option to go with the flow and support us.”

The 3PL helped The Honest Kitchen to fill a record number of orders in the midst of a pandemic and even add new customers and introduce new products.

Now that business is returning to normal, they’ve returned to collaborating on various projects, including introducing new variety packs.

To learn more about the productive partnership between The Honest Kitchen and Saddle Creek, read the full article in Inbound Logistics.

“Through our partnership with Saddle Creek, we’re able to facilitate best-in-class fulfillment that supports our growth.”
– Jake Fuller, chief financial officer, The Honest Kitchen


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