Blog Posts Scalable Fulfillment Key to Successful Start-Up at Happy Family Organics®

When you’re the fastest-growing organic baby food brand in the country, effective order fulfillment is critical. Recognizing the need for a third-party provider with the experience and resources to accommodate a growing business, Happy Family Organics® turned to Saddle Creek Logistics Services.

 Fulfillment Solution Accommodates Business Growth

A tight timeline, higher than anticipated volume, and an expanded scope of work complicated the start-up, but Saddle Creek rose to the challenge.

A team of experienced associates transferred 150,000 square feet of products to a new facility in Joliet, Ill., and got the DC up and running within 30 days. The 3PL’s scalable fulfillment solution increased efficiency, expanded warehouse space, and accommodated the need for value-added services and inbound and outbound transportation.

“Saddle Creek provided critical business intelligence, streamlined processes to improve throughput and took unexpected changes in stride. They got us up and running in record time,” says Stephanie Haynes, Vice President, Customer Solutions and Collaboration at Happy Family Brands.

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