Blog Posts Saddle Creek Rewards Quality Drivers

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Driver recruitment regularly tops the list of transportation challenges. The driver shortage is expected to exceed 70,000 this year, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). In this environment, finding quality drivers can be especially challenging. However, a number of creative initiatives at Saddle Creek are catching the attention of qualified drivers who share our commitment to safety and professionalism:

  • Drivers earn an increase in their base pay for every year of employment, with no cap.
  • Drivers can earn an unlimited, additional per-mile bonus for good driving habits by exceeding baseline measures for fuel efficiency, safety and accuracy.
  • An electronic sign-in process via kiosk enables drivers to review their work activities daily to ensure for accuracy and prevent payday surprises.
  • A new interactive planning dashboard tool with a built-in predictive model helps to balance demand and capacity.
  • Customized for everyone in operations, a business intelligence dashboard helps maximize efficiency by providing instant access to service performance, equipment utilization, fuel efficiency, driver pay, safety, maintenance and more.
  • Zone-based fueling for Saddle Creek’s CNG trucks helps to avoid delays at the pump.
  • Saddle Creek’s short-haul and regional delivery radius ensures that drivers are home every night.

These new innovations have improved our ability to deliver on our promises to drivers while improving operating performance and service to our customers. Our drivers are proud to be part of an experienced team with on-time performance above 99%, industry-leading safety ratings, and an eco-friendly CNG fleet. To learn more, read about our initiatives in the Commercial Carrier Journal.