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Autonomous mobile robots help Saddle Creek increase productivity, control operating costs and better serve its clients. They’re also helping to improve the work experience for associates.

In a live Q&A at MODEX 2022, Saddle Creek vice president of engineering, Grady Martin, sat down with Steve Simmerman, head of global alliances at Locus Robotics, and Dan Gilmore, CMO at Softeon, to discuss implementing fulfillment automation.

Following are a few excerpts from the conversation. Watch the full interview below.

Expanding Fulfilment Automation

SS: I would imagine that associates on the floor really appreciate the bots – the improvement in their work lifestyle and their ability to really drive productivity and be part of that success.

GM: The associates have taken to it even more than we thought they would. They enjoy the technology. As I mentioned, they’ve named some of the bots and they’ve really gotten engaged with that aspect of it. It also makes their life that much easier, and they’ve recognized the benefit that it brings to them. That’s been great to see.

There’s not only the productivity benefit, but the training aspect as well. Previously a new associate would come in and it might take weeks. Now it’s hours, really, to get folks up and running using the bots. They are that intuitive and that easy to use.

SS: Talk to us a little bit about how the bots help with recruiting and employee retention.

GM: They really help quite a bit. Our associates who are working on these accounts really enjoy what they’re doing, so that helps with referrals – bringing more folks in.

And the workload itself is a little bit easier now because the bots are helping them. They’re doing some of the walking, so the associates don’t have to. It’s a better environment for the associates. And, as competitive as the labor market is, any advantage that you can get there is really helpful to retain those folks and bring those folks in.




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