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Key Takeaways

  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive recognized Saddle Creek’s robotic fulfillment solution as one of the top supply chain transformation projects for 2022.
  • By deploying autonomous mobile robots, Saddle Creek helped a client manage up to three times its normal online order volume.
  • Since the success of the initial implementation, Saddle Creek has expanded its use of robots.

We are proud to announce that Saddle Creek was named a 2022 Top Supply Chain Project winner by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The publication’s annual list spotlights innovative and successful supply chain transformation projects that deliver bottom-line value.

Saddle Creek was recognized for developing an ecommerce fulfillment solution incorporating autonomous mobile robots.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Increase Productivity for Online Retailer

During the COVID pandemic, ecommerce order volume tripled for one of Saddle Creek’s clients. The medical apparel and supplies retailer also experienced frequent, dramatic spikes due to promotional activity. To meet increased demand, Saddle Creek enlisted a fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at its fulfillment operations in Fort Worth, Texas.

Even when order volume fluctuates 30% to 40% above projections, the team can still ship orders out the next day.

When Saddle Creek’s WMS feeds orders to the OMS, robots carrying empty bins are dispatched to picking locations. Associates pick and scan the required items and place them in the proper bin. Once bins are full, the robots deliver them to the pack-out area.

The robots significantly reduce the time associates spend walking in the warehouse, so they can spend more time picking orders. Productivity has more than doubled and congestion on the warehouse floor has decreased, allowing for faster fulfillment of client orders.

The client is very pleased with the robot implementation because it allows them to ship more orders each day. The robots allow the operation to scale rapidly to accommodate sales promotions and other business fluctuations. Even when order volume fluctuates 30% to 40% above projections, the team can still ship orders out the next day.

In the first year alone, Saddle Creek was able to accommodate almost three times the previous order volume without adding additional associates. This added efficiency is extremely valuable in today’s tight labor market.

Saddle Creek has already expanded the operation and now uses robots for several clients across the country.

To learn more, read the case study.

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