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A seamless customer experience depends on solid data. In a new article for Logistics Tech Outlook, Saddle Creek’s CIO, Donna Slyster, discusses the role of electronic communication in today’s supply chain. From EDI to Web services, she explores current practices and where automated data flow is headed.

Following is an excerpt from the article . . .

Electronic Communication for Today and Tomorrow

Over the years, EDI has evolved to meet the needs of the marketplace. The biggest change we’ve observed is in regard to timeliness. Data continues to be pushed out regularly at agreed-upon intervals, but companies are asking that those intervals become more frequent. They’ve moved away from once-a-day batch communication to more timely data interchanges in order to provide more responsive customer service.

For companies seeking greater visibility and control than EDI can provide, Web services can be a viable alternative. Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), the platform allows users to pull data whenever they want instead of pushing it to them on a scheduled basis.

With Web services, retailers know in real time if they have product “available to promise,” so they can make commitments to their customers. It also gives end consumers the ability to track their order all the way through to delivery. Web services also supports movement toward a number of technological advances on the horizon, including the Internet of Things, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, self-driving trucks, and more.

The full article will appear in the December issue of Logistics Tech Outlook. Read the article.