When they started selling handmade bracelets in 2010, Pura Vida founders Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman couldn’t imagine how fast their ecommerce and B2B business would grow. With product line expansion and the addition of a subscription service, order volume has increased dramatically – by an eye-popping 50 percent in just the past six months.

To stay on top of customer service, Pura Vida turned to Saddle Creek for order fulfillment, inventory management and logistics needs. Since 2014, the 3PL has seamlessly scaled to accommodate Pura Vida’s dramatic increases in sales volume. Pura Vida’s Goodman and Saddle Creek’s Charles Puzder share the inside scoop in the latest issue of Inbound Logistics.

Following is an excerpt from the article . . .

3PL Change Agents

Pura Vida currently has about 1,200 SKUs. The difference between two multi-colored bracelets might be a matter of a single color, so keeping track of those SKUs when filling orders is no easy matter. But Saddle Creek’s accuracy rate for Pura Vida is 99.995 percent, Puzder says.

Along with the number of SKUs, fulfillment volume has grown tremendously since Pura Vida started working with Saddle Creek. “We average about 2,000 orders on a normal day,” says Puzder.

Demand for the subscription service is pushing those numbers up quickly. “We hit 25,000 orders in May 2017, just for the subscription service,” he says. “We’ve had to expand our labor pool and start a regular second shift.”

Volumes go even crazier during the holiday season. In 2015, Saddle Creek shipped about 40,000 orders for Pura Vida during the five days that started on Black Friday. “In 2016, we did nearly 100,000 orders,” Goodman says. “This year, we could see close to 170,000 orders.”

As holiday volume increases each year, Pura Vida and Saddle Creek have learned the value of early preparation.

“In the past, we started talking to Pura Vida in September,” Puzder says. “Last year, we backed that up one month to August. This year, we began discussing Black Friday preparations in May.” With so many orders expected, the companies need more time to bring in product, shipping materials, and marketing inserts and to prepare and train additional workers.”

The efficiencies that Saddle Creek brings to the partnership help Pura Vida provide better customer service. “It used to take up to three days to ship every order,” Goodman says. Now, most orders go out within 24 hours, and many on the same day. Shipping accuracy has also improved, thanks to the addition of barcodes.

Moreover, outsourcing leaves Pura Vida free to concentrate on mission-critical activities. “It has allowed us to focus on marketing and growing the business, rather than growing our fulfillment and warehouse logistics,” Goodman says.

To learn more about Saddle Creek’s fulfillment solution for Pura Vida and the technology that helps to make it happen, read the full article.



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