Blog Posts Picking up the Pace for Returns Processing

When you’re selling online, returns are inevitable. How you handle those returns can have a major impact on the customer experience.

KURU Footwear prides itself on delighting its customers, so returns management is a priority. The direct-to-consumer (D2C) shoe company offers 100% free shipping, returns and exchanges.

To improve its returns process, KURU partnered with Saddle Creek Logistics Services.

“Saddle Creek piloted system enhancements related to returns processing that have really enabled us to increase our throughput,” explains Joel Carlin, Supply Chain Manager at KURU Footwear.

An in-depth case study details these initiatives and more. Following is an excerpt…

Effective Returns Management

Returns are a critical part of any footwear business, and it’s crucial to make the process fast and hassle-free – especially for a customer-centric company like KURU.

Over 10% of KURU’s products are returned. As sales volume climbed, the company outgrew its in-house returns process and assigned reverse logistics to Saddle Creek.

Saddle Creek piloted system enhancements related to returns processing that really enabled us to increase our throughput.”

~ Joel Carlin, Supply Chain Manager, KURU Footwear

Saddle Creek has helped KURU to process returns more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The 3PL implemented a system-driven returns process with end-to-end integration. A new returns module streamlines the process, allowing for better communication and timely refunds. Saddle Creek also performs quality inspections and conducts the grading process for returns.

Read the full case study to learn more about the partnership between KURU and Saddle Creek.

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