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My Subscription Addiction just released its Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Subscription Boxes in 2023. IPSY and Boxy Charm by IPSY took the beauty category by storm with wins for Best Beauty Subscription Box for Women, Best Subscription for Teens, and Best Skincare Subscription.

IPSY ’s popularity is due, in part, to its remarkable ability to personalize subscriptions to suit each member’s preferences. With numerous product combinations, this customization adds significant complexity to the fulfillment process.

Why not take this opportunity to explore how IPSY fulfills orders for all of its enthusiastic members?

Accommodating Fulfillment Complexity

Every month, IPSY members have the option to order Glam Bags with sample items or full-size products. In addition to “IPSY select” items, they can choose from dozens of SKUs to complete their orders. They can also purchase items from IPSY’s online store.

During an intense two- to three-week window each month, dozens of kitting lines shift into high gear as Saddle Creek fulfills subscription orders and ships them to IPSY members.

Personalization is at the heart of the IPSY experience, and many orders are tailored to member’s individual beauty preferences.

Each production line processes a particular order profile. Associates add marketing materials and the month’s featured beauty products to makeup bags and insert them into IPSY’s signature pink bubble mailers. Orders that do not require customization are labeled for mailing and prepared for shipping.

The vast majority of orders, however, include “member choice” selections or ecommerce add-ons. To accommodate these orders, pre-kitted bags and boxes are transferred to efficient work cells where the warehouse management system (WMS) directs associates to pick the correct items and quantities from hundreds of SKUs.

Shipping labels are applied, based on product combination and shipping destination. Shipments are synchronized to ensure that all subscribers receive their orders around the same time so they can share their experiences on social media.

To learn more about the fulfillment process for IPSY’s subscription and ecommerce orders, watch the video.

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