Blog Posts Peak Season Planning Checklist

The countdown is on. While most consumers probably haven’t even begun to think about holiday shopping, retailers and brands are already starting their strategic and tactical planning for the 2023 peak season.

To help jump start your preparations, we’ve compiled a checklist for fulfillment operations. Get each of these items crossed off your to-do list as soon as possible to get the season off to a strong start.

  • Establish projections for peak season volume. To ensure accurate forecasting, look at last year’s data trends and make use of surveys and market analysis.
  • Design fulfillment operations to scale for spikes. Look for opportunities to create efficiencies and minimize touches for put-away, picking, and packaging.
  • Lock in holiday labor. Secure additional support well in advance and provide training and cross-training where possible.
  • Rethink workflow strategies for peak optimization. Evaluate and map processes for receiving, replenishment, inventory slotting, and pack out to ensure maximum efficiency and improve service levels.
  • Evaluate your information systems. Load test your systems under simulated load to make sure they are capable of handling increased volume.
  • Plan your parcel strategy. Identify your shipping needs and determine the best carrier mix to support them forecasted volumes and service requirements.
  • Prepare for returns. Clearly define and communicate your return policy and factor reverse logistics into your plans for space and staffing.

For more tips to help streamline the holiday season, read The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Fulfillment.


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