Blog Posts Omnichannel Solutions for Today’s Supply Chain

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As companies race to adapt to today’s omnichannel marketplace, speed, service and scalability are in high demand. At Saddle Creek, we specialize in helping retailers, manufacturers and ecommerce companies get products where they need to be quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly.

Our customized, scalable omnichannel solutions integrate a variety of logistics services, including warehousing, fulfillment, transportation and packaging, as well as:

Network optimization – We take a strategic approach to network configuration and can help you determine which of our nationwide DC locations will provide optimal efficiency.

Product customization – Our value-added services allow you to delay product configuration until the last minute for increased flexibility and responsiveness to market demands.

Fulfillment automation– To improve order turnaround and delivery times, we’ve invested in a variety of automated fulfillment solutions—pick-to-light, automated label application/manifesting and more.

Cross-docking – This proven practice allows us to minimize handling, increase turn rates, eliminate the cost of inventory and product rotation, and reduce transportation costs.

Transportation management – From a regional CNG fleet to brokerage services, our transportation solutions give you increased efficiency, cost control, and optimal flexibility.

For 50 years, Saddle Creek has provided exceptional logistics solutions to help our customers meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. We are continually expanding our resources, refining our services, and evolving to meet the needs of our customers. As we commemorate our golden anniversary this month, we welcome the opportunity to find new ways to support our customers and grow together in the years ahead.

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