Blog Posts Nu Skin Achieves 100% Order Accuracy


Customers around the world look forward to receiving premium skin care and nutrition products from Nu Skin Enterprises. That makes fast and cost-effective delivery a high priority. In 2013, the steadily growing direct-selling company turned to Saddle Creek to expand its fulfillment network.

Mission Accomplished: Error-Free Fulfillment

This January, Saddle Creek met with Nu Skin to perform a business review of the 2016 operations. Nu Skin confirmed that not a single picking or shipping error was reported for orders shipped from Saddle Creek’s fulfillment facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a major accomplishment, as Saddle Creek handles thousands of e-commerce orders daily, with an average of 98 percent of those orders shipping same day.

“Saddle Creek did it again and delivered another great year of high-quality, cost-effective order fulfillment,” said Nate Randall, Regional Director of Operations at Nu Skin. “Saddle Creek continues to exceed our expectations.  As such, we continue to recommend them to other companies in the direct-selling space.”

When Saddle Creek launched operations for Nu Skin in 2013, order accuracy was determined to be a top priority KPI. To achieve this goal, Saddle Creek implemented stringent quality procedures, a pick-to-light fulfillment system and a dedicated Nu Skin team. Saddle Creek attributes the success in 100 percent order accuracy to its systems assurance technology, thorough quality inspections, and, most importantly, committed associates striving to do Whatever It Takes!

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