Blog Posts New Whitepaper Provides Guide for Maximizing Your Parcel Spend

Parcel delivery costs are projected to grow 4 to 5 percent per year through 2021. And that’s just one of the parcel challenges that companies face.

Today’s parcel shipping landscape is fraught with rising costs, heightened delivery expectations, and countless administrative headaches. Saddle Creek’s new whitepaper examines these challenges and explores ways in which third-party logistics providers can help companies to better manage through them.

The Rising Role of 3PLs in Parcel Shipping

This report addresses a number of critical issues facing companies as they try to move small packages from Point A to Point B:

  • How will rate changes by major carriers impact shipping costs?
  • What best practices are companies using to meet consumers’ escalating expectations for fast, free delivery?
  • How are they using real-time data to make more informed shipping decisions?
  • What role does DC network configuration play in parcel shipments?
  • How can companies leverage their 3PLs’ resources and relationships for more effective parcel solutions?

With no sign of a parcel shipment slowdown on the horizon, now is the time to master the complexities of parcel shipments. Download the whitepaper to learn more.