Blog Posts Mechanization & Automation Speed Fulfillment for doTERRA [Video]

doTERRA’s high quality essential oils and health and wellness products are wildly popular – as evidenced by the company’s 4.9-star rating and 1.5+ million followers on Facebook. Distributing products to the direct seller’s customers is no simple feat.

Saddle Creek has been managing fulfillment for doTERRA in Fort Worth, Texas, since 2018. Every month, the team fulfills hundreds of thousands of direct-to-consumer orders. To uphold strict quality standards, associates perform a 100% quality check on all orders and scan a “quality ID” barcode on every product. The majority of orders ship within a two-week window.

A Firsthand Look at the Fulfillment Process

To accommodate the aggressive time frame, Saddle Creek and doTERRA worked together to design a highly mechanized fulfillment solution that helps to increase capacity and velocity. State -of-the-art material handling equipment includes a fully automated A-frame picking machine, pick-to-light, barcode scanning, automated parcel sortation, powered conveyors and automatic literature dispenser.

The A-frame can hold 960 different SKUs and process up to 1,100 orders an hour.

If that sounds impressive, just wait until you watch the fulfillment process in action. You’ll see why doTERRA recently recognized Saddle Creek as its Fulfillment Center of the Year. Watch the video.

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