Blog Posts Managing Omnichannel Fulfillment for Humann

Key Takeaways

  • While Humann got its start in D2C, the company has expanded into new sales channels.
  • Fulfilling both ecommerce and omnichannel orders increases the complexity of fulfillment operations.
  • Saddle Creek’s warehouse management system (WMS) helps to accommodate a variety of order profiles under one roof.

A remarkable 60 to 70% of consumers say they now use omnichannel shopping options, according to a McKinsey & Company report. Fulfillment operations play a critical role in giving shoppers the best possible experience.

Humann, the maker of Superbeets®, relies on Saddle Creek Logistics for omnichannel order fulfillment. A new case study explores their partnership. Following is an excerpt…

Supporting Channel Expansion

Humann products are available via ecommerce and continuity subscriptions as well as on Amazon and in over 4,700 retail locations nationwide. They are also used by over 1,400 medical professionals and more than 120 pro and college sports teams.

“A lot of companies start in retail. We started out selling direct to consumers. Today, we’re a true omnichannel company,” explains company co-founder AnnMarie Kocher. “Saddle Creek has adapted to support all of our sales channels.”

Saddle Creek handles omnichannel fulfillment, as well as parcel and freight coordination and returns management, from a dedicated 20,000-square-foot, temperature-controlled area at its Lexington, Ky., fulfillment facility.

Humann’s B2B shipments typically involve just a few orders with hundreds of items while D2C orders involve sending thousands of orders with just a few items. Balancing both order profiles simultaneously increases the complexity of fulfillment operations significantly.

Saddle Creek’s investment in systems has definitely been an advantage for us as we’ve expanded to new sales channels.”

~AnnMarie Kocher, Humann President & Co-Founder

A powerful warehouse management system (WMS) allows Saddle Creek to accommodate different order profiles under one roof. It enables multiple process streams from the same inventory, supports a variety of picking strategies, and gives the operations team considerable flexibility in how orders are waved to the floor.

The WMS also ensures traceability and quality control thanks to its ability to accommodate tracking, lot control, expiry dates, and multiple shelf-life thresholds.

“Saddle Creek’s investment in systems has definitely been an advantage for us as we’ve expanded to new sales channels,” Kocher says.

Read the full case study to learn how Saddle Creek and Humann work together.


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