Blog Posts How Can I Deliver an “Extra-ordinary” Customer Experience?

Key Takeaways

  • Delight customers by giving them extra value.
  • You might modify your products or simply change how you present them to your customers.
  • Using value-added services can benefit your organization as well.

extra [ek-struh]
beyond or more than what is usual, expected or necessary; larger or better than what is usual

Who doesn’t like a little extra? It might be a cherry to top your sundae, an extra channel on your streaming service, or a hotel room with an ocean view. Chances are, your customers would welcome something extra as well.

Whether you manufacture products or sell them in stores or online, there are probably countless ways to add value for your customers. To help you start brainstorming, we’ve identified five below – along with applications we’ve helped clients to implement in real life (IRL).

5 Ways to Add Value for Your Customers

  1. Personalize products – Engraving and embroidery give customers one-of-a-kind items they can’t find elsewhere.

IRL: To add extra pizzaz to its wide selection of medical apparel and supplies, allheart offers group customization options.  Saddle Creek helps the company to personalize everything from engraved stethoscopes to monogrammed lab coats.

  1. Reconfigure products – Packaging products in different ways can help to generate a new revenue stream.

IRL: The Honest Kitchen usually sells its pet food Pour Overs in cases of 12. When they wanted to give customers the chance to sample different flavors, Saddle Creek began bundling three-flavor variety packs for ecommerce.

  1. Customize combinations – Consider giving your customers the option to pick and choose product combinations that suit their personal preferences.

IRL: For every IPSY beauty subscription order, Saddle Creek kits marketing materials and the month’s featured beauty products. The team customizes the vast majority of orders by adding “member choice” selections or ecommerce add-ons.

  1. Get Retail Ready – Prepare products for store shelves with labeling, tagging, price marking, display building and more.

IRL: Happy Family Organics provides premium organic products for babies, tots and kids. Saddle Creek creates variety packs, builds displays and labels approximately half of the company’s outbound shipments with lot and date codes for retail compliance.

  1. Pay Attention to Presentation – Little details can go a long way toward setting your brand apart.

IRL: To give MUNICIPAL customers an optimal brand experience when they receive their packages, Saddle Creek adds silica gel packets to poly-bagged apparel to prevent moisture build-up and strategically applies branded packing tape on headwear boxes for maximum impact.

Clearly, value-added services can help to give your customers that little something extra. They might just help you to manage inventory better, expand your product offerings and get to market faster as well.

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