Blog Posts Holiday Hacks for Gift Subscription Box Fulfillment


  • Gift subscriptions appeal to holiday shoppers wanting to avoid crowded stores this year
  • Planning for order fulfillment requirements helps to ensure satisfied subscribers
  • Repeatable and scalable subscription fulfillment processes help to accommodate growth

With the 2020 holiday season already in full swing, shoppers are seeking out creative gift ideas that don’t require a trip to the store. Subscription boxes promise to be popular with holiday shoppers since they’re easy to buy and send online.

In her latest column for Multichannel Merchant, Saddle Creek’s Director of Fulfillment Nicole Lee shares seven hacks to ensure effective fulfillment for holiday gift subscriptions.

Following is an excerpt…

7 Tips for Successful Holiday Gift Subscriptions

Start Them Off Right

In order to build your subscriber base, offer subscription options in varying lengths (i.e., 1-month, 3-month, 12-month) that gift givers can purchase for someone else instead of allowing them to purchase a one-time gift box. It will be easier to convert gift recipients into permanent subscribers since you will have already captured their contact information. Offering a renewal incentive like a discount or a free month will increase the likelihood that they’ll extend their subscription.

Spread the Joy

Look for ways to engage subscribers and encourage sharing. For example, design the packaging with a holiday-themed cutout and encourage subscribers to post pictures on social media to generate additional exposure.

Ensure Efficiency

Make the order fulfillment process easily repeatable and scalable to accommodate growth. For example, consider using a preprinted insert with a standard message for all your gift boxes. Personalized messages are more complex because they require integration with your website so they can be printed during order processing. They also require individual order handling rather than mass processing during order fulfillment.

If you’d like to offer gift wrapping, consider using festive corrugated sleeves instead of traditional wrapping paper. This gives the illusion of gift wrap with much less labor handling and, therefore, less cost.

If you are able to forecast your holiday demand, pre-kitting subscription orders in advance can help to spread out the workload and accommodate holiday spikes in volume.

For more tips on maximizing the impact of your holiday gift subscriptions, read the full article on Multichannel Merchant.