Blog Posts Holiday Fulfillment for a Record-Breaking 2019

Retailers and brands should gear up for record demand for holiday fulfillment this year. Total retail sales are expected to be up 4.5 to 5% for the 2019 season – with ecommerce sales climbing 14 to 18% over last year.

While welcome, seasonal sales spikes can pose holiday fulfillment challenges for retailers and brands. To satisfy customers, they need to handle a tremendous surge in order volume – accurately, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

Scalable labor, efficient processes, robust technology and multiple shipping options are just a few items on their holiday fulfillment checklist. Post holiday, companies need to ready for an influx of returns. Many find value in outsourcing.

Saddle Creek Helps Blenders Eyewear Handle Holiday Sales Surge

When Blenders Eyewear reached 27,000 orders during the 2017 holiday season, the company recognized a need for expert support. The dramatic spike in volume taxed Blenders’ in-house team and spurred the decision to outsource order fulfillment to Saddle Creek.

The 3PL designed a custom omnichannel solution to fulfill Blenders’ retail, ecommerce and Amazon Marketplace orders and returns. New each-pick operations, checkout stations and value-added services facilitate order processing for increased efficiency and order accuracy.

To handle holiday volume surges, Saddle Creek uses a more efficient footprint for order processing and adds temporary stations for peak-volume periods. Shared labor and multiple shifts provide 24-hour service. Robust technology, including a warehouse management system (WMS) and order management system (OMS), also helps to accommodate increased volume.

When order volume rose by more than 120 percent in Holiday 2018, Blenders was ready. Thanks to proactive and strategic planning, operations easily handled the influx of orders. The team fulfilled about 60,000 orders during the season. Preparations are now well underway for additional growth in Holiday 2019.

To learn more about holiday fulfillment for Blenders, read the case study.